Good morning everyone!

Please don’t forget to do your times tables test on Purple Mash today, thank you. 

Here are your activities for today:



L.I. To write a diary entry

Please look through this powerpoint for your instructions on what to do today. On slide 3 it says there is a clip. Here is the link for this clip:

A Journey to the Arctic – Writing a Diary Entry PowerPoint

Here is the vocabulary sheet which will come in useful

A Journey to the Arctic Vocabulary Mat

Here is your planning sheet for today’s task:

A Journey to the Arctic Sunrise Diary Planning Activity Sheet

These are your sheets for diary writing, choose the one you would in class:

My Journey MILD

My Journey HOT

My Journey Flaming HOT



L.I. To calculate unit fractions of quantities

You know what to do, Lesson 17 today.

Here are some worksheets, choose the level you would in class.

fractions of quantities MILD

fractions of quantities HOT

fractions of quantities Flaming HOT

fractions of quantities Answers

You are all really getting there with this topic judging by all the wonderful work I’ve had in. Well done everyone.  This unit ends this week and we will start a new one on Monday when we are all back together again.


Times tables:

Please use the 2Do which is set for you on Purple Mash for your times tables.


Class Novel:

Here is the next chapter for you to enjoy, Chapter 7.



L.I. To construct a food web

As we did Food chains last week I thought we could look at food webs today.

Please use the Oak Academy for today’s intro to the lesson. Don’t forget to take the quiz.

Here is an activity for you to do:


Please bear in mind that there are multiple answers for this activity and this is only one suggestion.

antarctica-food-chain-and-food-web-activity Answers


That’s all for today, well done everyone!


Love Mrs G. ?????