Good morning Oak Class! Welcome to Tuesday’s online learning!

I’m hoping we are able to have a live maths lesson this morning at 9:00am!

I promise this really is today’s Explorer instalment! :


Today we are going to focus on line graphs. The presentation is difficult to show as a PDF but hopefully you will get the idea. After slide 3 of the presentation you will need to click on the PDF below as it didn’t have these slides. Lesson Presentation Charts and Graphs

Cycle ride extra info

Choose which star level you want to complete:  Activity Sheet Cycle Ride Line Graphs

The answers are at the last three pages of the PDF file.

If you want to complete the challenge sheet then try this: Line graph challenge


LI – To write a script for a TV news report


Task 1: Find out about the history-making SpaceX rocket which has just landed at the International Space Station –

making notes from the website as you read:

BBC Newsround SpaceX docks to ISS: NASA astronauts land safely and make history:

Task 2: Imagine Newsround have asked you to do a TV news bulletin for their show about the SpaceX

rocket landing. Write a news report script about the landing. To help when writing your news script, think

about including these points:

– Introduce yourself and explain what your news is, in a short summary sentence ‘Good evening, my

name is… Tonight’s main news is…’

– Stick to the key facts – making your news as clear as possible

– You may wish to include quotes from the astronauts which can be found in the article

– Give a closing statement to end your bulletin ‘I’m … and this has been tonight’s news. Goodnight.’


To get an idea of how Newsround currently present the news, watch the show here:

CBBC Newsround: Watch Newsround –


As you are writing your script, make sure you practise reading it aloud. Ask a member of your family to

listen to you read – they may be able to help make suggestions for how you can edit/improve your report.


Once you have written your script, set up your ‘news area’ and perform it to a family member.

If possible, you may want to record your news report to send to us!



Today we are going to look at heraldry. This was a really important part of being a knight and each castle would have its own knights with their own designs for their coats of arms. When knights were in their armour they couldn’t be recognised so they needed a system that was easy to use and the shield design was created. Each shield was unique so it was quick and easy to distinguish between knights!  Read The English Heritage website which gives an excellent background to heraldry and how to create your own.

Once you have read the website I would like you to draw your own heraldry. Remember to follow the rules as stated on the website such as no colour on colour, think carefully about your design and plan it out before starting your design. There are some animal designs that you can download and use on your shield. herladry-activity-pack-1

I’m looking forward to seeing your designs! We can make a display of them in our corridor when we return to school.



Like last week I am giving you a choice of three different activities. You can do a Joe Wicks PE lesson of your choice or Monday’s session.

This is the link for Joe Wick’s Body Coach website: 

This is the link for Monday’s Joe Wick’s work out, however for some reason there is no sound with the recording.

Yoga session for teens with Adrienne

Or you can do Mr Garvey’s session, his sessions can be found separately on the class blog.

Stilling time

For Stilling Time I would like you to look at Mrs O’Donnell’s post.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me either on or as I will be checking both accounts.

Enjoy your learning!


Mrs Poole