Good morning everyone,


What do you think of this toucan? Amazing, isn’t it?  If you want to find out some more then click on the link and it will give you an insight to these incredible birds.


Here are your activities for today:



L.I. To discuss the language of a poem

Read through these two poems. Then think about, do they have a rhythm or are they are free verse. What language is used to create images within the poem? Make a list of words which help you picture these images. What did you find?

kittten at play and the woodmans dog

When you have done this please re-read ‘Tom cat’ from yesterday.  Which one did you like best? Why?

Make all your notes in your orange home working book.  If you wish you can print off the poems and stick them into your book and make your notes under them.



L.I. To calculate unit fractions of quantities

Please use the link for calculating unit fractions of quantities.  Lesson 2.

There is also a separate link for the worksheet to make life easier.

For everyone:  unit fractions of quantities worksheet


Choose one of these three sheets, MILD, HOT or Flaming HOT

Fractions of amounts 3 sheets




Please take a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog. Or you can try one of the activities we have done in school such as:

Listening to quiet music whilst thinking about our ‘happy place’.  Mindfulness colouring or GoNoodle, choose a breathing activity.



L.I. To use a classification key

Today please look at the BBC bitesize link on Classification.

Then I would like you to look at and have a go at the following:

#Lesson Presentation Classification Keys

For each level there are two different ones to choose.  You only need to do one of them not both.

MILDClassification Activity Pack – Desert Habitat

Classification Activity Pack – Urban Habitat

HOT – Classification Activity Pack – Rainforest Habitat

Classification Activity Pack – Woodland Habitat

Flaming HOT – Classification Activity Pack – Arctic Habitat

Classification Activity Pack – Ocean Habitat


Have a great day everyone.

Love, Mrs G. ???????????