Good morning everyone,

I am pleased to say that I have received some excellent pictures of your banana bread challenge. Keep them coming in along with any other work/activities you’ve been doing.  I will share  some pictures for you all to see at the end of the week. Make sure I have received them by Thursday 4pm to give me time to add them ready for Friday.  There will be a different challenge for you on Friday too.

Here are today’s activities:

English:  Talk 4 Writing

Please continue with this.  When it is complete maybe some of you could send me your stories relating to this.

Y4-Unit talk for writing The King of Fishes

Remember there is also the bbc bitesize  which has all sorts of activities on for you to have a go at.

This link goes direct to the Yr 4 English for Yesterday as that is when I added it.


If you have any left over sheets from yesterday then please continue with those. If you have finished then here is the next activity for you.

L.I. To divide a one or two digit number by 10 and 100.


Remember you can draw your own place value grid sheet to help you.

If you have any left over sheets from yesterday then please continue with those.

As it is Tuesday, please do your times tables test on purple mash.  You may practise on mathsframe but PM gives me your results with a breakdown of accuracy and speed.

Science – L.I. To use a simple practical enquiry to answer questions about the basic parts of the digestive system

First of all you will need to things to help you do the experiments.  Please read the document about todays work and then look at the pdf which is the powerpoint I converted so I could show you.  You will find some videos to  support your learning today.

Today’s lesson is practical and fun.  Please send me any pictures of what you do here.

Session 2 What happens to my food

LKS2_Science_Y4_Summer_1_Excuse_Me_Teeth_Session2_power point

Here is a demonstration of the experiment

Here are a couple of sites with diagrams and information to help you today.  I know you will enjoy the second site as there is a video to watch.

Have a great day everyone!

Love Mrs G. x