Hello Willow class,

Here are today’s activities:


L.I. To understand how to spot and correct errors in my writing

Please use the BBC Bitesize link on Proofreading. Watch the video then do activity 1 & 2.  This is all part of the introduction.

Activities to complete are:

MILD, HOT – Activity 3

Flaming HOT – Activity 4





Please watch the following video on unit and non-unit fractions.  Then I would like you to click on the worksheets.

**Apologies everyone as there seems to be a problem with the screen sharing in the video.**

If you are stuck then please check this out below.

Spr4.5.1-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions (2)


MILD unit and non unit fractions page 1

HOT – Page 2. HOT – Unit and Non-unit Fractions

Flaming Hot – as HOT but both pages 2 & 3.

Challenge:  Challenge 26th January



Times tables

Don’t forget to do your test today set on purple mash.  ?



Please look at Mrs O’Donnells stilling time for today.  Or you can click on the link below to access some mindfulness colouring instead if you would prefer.

Positive mindfulness colouring



Please click on the post from Mrs O’Donnell for your weekly French lesson.



Have a great day everyone.

love Mrs G. ???❄?✏?