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Good morning Oak Class! Welcome to Tuesday’s online learning!

Don’t forget we are going to meet up for registration, sharing of work (if you want to) and a check through the work that is being set. We will meet each morning at 9:00am – set your alarm!

Here is today’s Letters from the Lighthouse:


Please see the video I have made for you here.

Now choose which section you want to complete from TYM here: Tuesday Maths Work

Here are the answers: Tuesday Maths Answers


Today we are going to discover what life is like in the Polar Regions of the world by exploring The School Run – Polar Regions website here (a useful video ‘BBC Teach: Life in the Polar Regions’ is also embedded towards the bottom of the page): you can write notes on what you have found out to help you with the writing task.


Based on what you have read and watched, create a fact-file, suitable for a child of your age, about the Polar Regions. You can use publisher, word or plain paper to make your fact file. You may wish to create a glossary section for words children may be unfamiliar with. The Words to Know section of the website you have explored may help you with this. Don’t forget to check your punctuation and spelling – reading it aloud or asking a family member to read it with you may help.


LI – To create a fact file on polar habitats


I have set you a 2Do activity on Purple Mash. You are going to use a template to write a book review on Letters from the Lighthouse. Use the objectives set to help you with what to write. You can insert images from the internet to help illustrate your review. You have one week to complete the task.


Like last week I am giving you a choice of three different activities. You can do a Joe Wicks PE lesson of your choice or Monday’s session. This is the link for Joe Wicks’ Monday session:

Or you can do a yoga session for teens with Adrienne

Or you can do Mr Garvey’s session, his sessions can be found separately on the class blog.

Stilling time

For Stilling Time I would like you to look at Mrs O’Donnell’s post.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email me either on or as I will be checking both accounts.

Enjoy your learning!


Mrs Poole