Tuesday 24th March

Good morning everyone!

Today I am putting all your work for today on one post, yesterday I did a separate post for each subject. Please let me know which way you would prefer Mrs FitzGerald and I to post in future.


Today you are going to solve more word problems involving line graphs. You need to complete at least two pages from Abacus Textbook 3, you can start on P61 or P62. Images are at the bottom of the page. LI – To interpret a range of graphs.  I will post the answers later on today. Don’t forget to do the problem of the day! Day-12-Tuesday-17th-March-2020


By the end of this week you will have written the script for a TV news report on The Tempest. You will be able to cover any aspect of the story such as: the build up to the storm, the storm, the ship wrecking or focus on the ending of the story.

Today I would like you to watch some TV news articles. Go to the BBC Newsround website and watch a range of different articles they are all only about a minute long. You can also look at BBC News TV articles or ITV News if you wish. Try and identify different features, record these features in your home learning book, think about the structure of the report rather than the pictures. LI – To identify features of a TV news report.


Just because you’re at home it doesn’t mean no exercise! Check out Joe Wicks’ live 30 minutes PE lesson everyday on YouTube at 9am. Here is the link to Monday’s lesson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz0go1pTda8   or search PE with Joe on YouTube

If you can manage it do a PE lesson everyday!

Stilling Time

The weather is going to be good today – even a little warmer than yesterday so try to get outside for some much needed sun! Sit on a chair or something dry then focus on your breathing. After five breaths slowly close your eyes and focus on what you can hear, smell and feel. After a couple of minutes slowly bring your attention back to where you are sitting and how your feet, legs, bottom and back are in contact with the floor or seat. Then slowly open your eyes. Were you surprised at what you could hear, smell or feel?

Have fun!

Mrs Poole


I’m hoping these images are clearer as it is a different text book and the font is larger. Please let me know if this was better or not.