Good morning Willow Class,

Here are today’s activities:


L.I. To answer comprehension questions on ‘Doorstep Wildlife’

Please read the pages on ‘Doorstep Wildlife’ and then answer the questions.  You will probably need to read the text more than once and keep going back to it to retrieve the information required.  Likewise read the questions thoroughly so you understand what it is asking you to do.

I have included three different levels.  Try to challenge yourself !

Doorstep Wildlife – Mild

Doorstep Wildlife Hot

Doorstep Wildlife – Flamin Hot



Lancashire Big Sing

Log onto this for the next section.  You should all be experts in this as this should have been our music festival this year which we sadly missed.  Here are the files you will need.

Get your voice going 2

If you’ve not joined in already here is the link to do so.

Happy singing everyone.



L.I. To compare and classify quadrilaterals

Use the link and scroll down to shape and symmetry and click on lesson 7, then start lesson.

Don’t forget that today is times tables day!  Make sure you are testing yourself either on Purple Mash or on the Mathsframe. It is really important that these skills are kept up. ?



Today please take a look at Mrs O’Donnells blog.  ?



L.I. To compare the significance of Anglo-Saxon kings during the Viking period.

Please read through the powerpoint and consider the questions on slide 10.

Powerpoint Anglo saxon kings

Then I would like you to read the fact cards and consider which one referred to King Alfred the Great or King Athelstan

Activity Sheet Alfred the Great Poster

Activity Sheet Anglo-Saxon Kings Information

Activity Sheet Fact Cards

Activity Sheet King Athlestan Poster


You can either print out the cards and sheets and stick them on as described or you can write them out into your home school book making sure that it is clear which King you are talking about.  You may wish to also draw a picture of each King.

Don’t forget to send your work through to me this week.  I am needing a piece of English and maths.  You may however send me other pictures of the things you’ve been doing.

Well done everyone.

Love Mrs G. ???