Hello and welcome to Tuesday.


Here are your activities for today:



L.I. To understand facts and opinions

Please read through this BBC bitesize lesson and go through the two quizzes.


Here are 4 activities for you. Choose the level you would normally do in class. If you want to do more then please do.





L.I. To use improper fractions

You know what to do now.  Please click on the link and access lesson 11.  Using improper fractions.  If you didn’t do the extra sheet yesterday then please go back and use it today.


If you think you would like some more practise with this then there is this worksheet, have a go!




Times tables

Please make sure you complete these on Purple Mash today.  Thank you.



Class Novel:

Here is the next chapter in our class novel of Oliver and the Seawigs by Phillip Reeve.  So sit back, relax and enjoy!



L.I. To understand food chains

Please look at this powerpoint and then access the activities to go along with it.  There is also a short clip on BBC bitesize for you too.

On slide 6 is asks you to work in groups you can’t do this but you can read the vocabulary cards and definition cards to help you with the activity.

Lesson Presentation Food Chains

food chain vocab and definition cards

Here is the sorting cards activity:

food chain sorting cards

sorting card answers

Activity 1 – A tube food chain. print off, cut out and stick together in the correct order.

Food Chain Tubes – Small

Activity 2 Here is an interactive flap book to do.  You will need all the sheets and they are placed on top of each other to form a flap book.

Food Chain Interactive Flap Book

Activity 3 – or you can write your own food chain onto this pyramid activity.

Activity Sheet Food Chain Pyramid


That’s all for today, well done everyone!

Love Mrs G. ????