Hello everyone.

Here are today’s activities:

English:  L.I. To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes, (ial).

Please use the link below to the Oak Academy for Year 4 daily lesson and todays date. The L.I. is the title of the unit.

There is a video with activities to do. You will all be able to have a go at this.


Here is a wordsearch with the ial suffix.

Suffix (-tial or -cial) Word Search


Times tables test:  Please use the 2do on Purple Mash. Remember it is all of your tables.

Maths: L.I. To use multiplication and division in correspondence problems.

This is our last day on this unit.  Try the following and see how much you have learnt!


I would like you all to have a go at the first page and if you feel confident continue onto the second.


Challenge:  Can you write your own correspondence problems for someone to solve? Have a go and give it to a family member to solve. You can then check if they got them correct.


Stilling: Please take a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog today.


Science:  L.I. to understand how human anatomy compares to other animals

Please use the link to the Oak Academy daily lessons.  It is scheduled for today under year 4 for Science.

There is a quiz, a video, a worksheet and a final quiz.



*** Don’t forget tomorrow we have a Google Classroom meet (maths) at 10AM ***

You’ll need pencil and paper.

Well done everyone, see you all tomorrow.

Love, Mrs G. ????