Hello Willow Class,  It was lovely to see you all yesterday.

Here are today’s activities


L.I. To use alliteration to create newspaper headlines




L.I. To simplify fractions

Today we are continuing with work on fractions.  This is the next lesson in this unit from BBC daily lessons year 4 maths 19th May.


Times tables

Don’t forget your test today.  How are you getting on?   With all this practise I am sure you have all improved.  Check back on your scores to see how far you have come.  It is surprising how a little and often can have a big impact.

However, I would still like you to keep practising these.  Maybe it would be a good ideas to continue this each week through the holidays.



Please take a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog post today.



Now if you didn’t do Joe Wicks yesterday or you haven’t done it in a while then please log onto YouTube and do yesterday’s 13th July lesson.



Fun activities

Here are a couple of D.T. activities which you may like.  You will need to print them out and probably onto card or heavy paper. You will need some glue.  You can then follow the instructions to complete either;

A block house calendar

Block calendar DT

or the Woodland Animal desk tidy

Woodland animal desk tidy


Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Love Mrs G. 🌈🙌😊🐈