Good morning Oak Class. I hope that you are feeling well and enjoyed our learning yesterday.


LI – To complete an initial story response

Today we are going to continue with our new unit on War Horse.

First we are reading chapter 2.

Chapter 2

Then we will discuss the following comprehension questions:

  • What’s gawkishness?
  • What is prowess?
  • Can you think of another word for vengeance?
  • What does rudiments mean?
  • Why has Albert’s attitude to Joey changed?
  • What animal is the UK likened too and why?
  • What does Albert’s mother’s reaction to the news tell you about her thoughts and feelings?

Then we will complete I wonder story response.…/Story-Response-Form-War-Horse.docx


LI – To use formal long multiplication method

Today in maths we are looking at long multiplication involving money. If you are unsure about how to do long multiplication then watch the video clip here:  Then complete either section A, B or C depending upon how confident you are.

Multiplying-2dig Success Criteria

Tuesday Maths

Tuesday13th Oct Maths Answers


I would like you to look at either Mr Garvey’s post, a Joe Wicks exercise youtube post or an activity of your choice. The most important thing is that you do something that gets you moving about!

I’ll see you tomorrow,


Mrs Poole