Hello and happy Tuesday to you all 👋😁

Here are today’s activities:

Always remember to just do what you can.

English: L.I. To describe a setting and create new characters. 

Please watch the clip below.  I suggest watching it at least twice. It is similar to the fairy tale of Rapunzel who was also locked in a tower.


Please answer the following questions into your home work book.

Please describe the place in the film.

  1. What do you notice/can you see?
  2. Why does it change from colour to black and white?
  3. Who would live there?
  4. Describe  different characters that you imagine would live in the houses there.
  5. Why would they live there?
  6. Would you like to live there, why?

MILD –  Answer questions 1 – 4 and describe 1 new character (q4)

HOT – Answer the questions 1 – 6 and describe 2 new characters (q4 & 5)

Flaming HOT – Answer the questions 1 – 6 and describe 3 new characters (q4 & 5)



Maths: L.I. To multiply 2 digits by 1 digit

There are two videos here.





HOT & Flaming HOT, please watch this video:


HOT  – Y4-Spring-WO6-Multiply-2-digits-by-1

Flaming Hot – Please complete the second sheet from the about link, then look at the sheets for the challenge.

Challenge:  Challenge 12th Jan



R.E:  To understand how events reveal Jesus to be the son of God.

Please read this bible story from the book of Matthew 17 1-8

Matthew 17 1 to 8

Now think about these questions.

Once again a voice comes from heaven. Whose voice is it?
How do the events of this story reveal Jesus to be the Son of God?

Here is a short video clip of the bible story.  This should help consolidate your understanding of the story.


Now take a look at these paintings

miracle paintings

Now think about this question:  What do they show the reaction of the disciples to be? Why?

Using this next question as  a title copy it  into your home work book and then click the link for your different options for work.

How do these events reveal Jesus to be the son of God?

MILD lesson 2

HOT lesson 2

Flaming HOT lesson 2


That’s all for today.  Well done everyone. Keep up the super work.

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