This week I told Acorn Class a sad story about a tree that had grown on the school field for years. Due to its age, the way it had grown and the weather conditions, this tree had become unsafe. The decision was made to cut down the tree! When the day came it was such a shame to lose such a wonderful piece of God’s creation that we couldn’t bring ourselves to chop the whole thing down. We decided to speak to a tree sculptor about our options. We chose to use this beautiful tree as a gathering place for stories, group work and circle time type activities. We wanted the tree to represent our school in some way so we designed it with that in mind. We had an Acorn, a Beech leaf, a Holly leaf, a Hazel leaf, a Willow leaf, a Sycamore leaf and an Oak leaf carved. A large owl was added on top to look out over us all just like our Headteacher does. Finally seating was added in the form of a large Oak leaf chair and small tree stump stools. The tree can now be a focal point and a reminder that we are all part of God’s amazing creation. We really are a family at Ellel!

What a happy ending to our, originally, sad story!