Hi there,

I hope you are all doing O.K.   Here are today’s activities.



L.I. To identify a charater’s feelings and emotions 

Today we are onto the next part of our work linked to ‘RunWild’.  I hope you are all enjoying it.  How many skateboard tricks did you try!?

Thursday 9th July



L.I. To compare decimals up to 2 decimal places 

Y4-Summer-Compare-decimals-2020 Thursday




Please have a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog today.



L.I. To learn about the monument ‘Stonehenge’

Please read through the BBC daily lesson on History for 11th May. Here you will find out lots of interesting things about Stonehenge.  There are a few videos to watch and a couple of great activities for you at the end.   Enjoy.



Enjoy your Thursday and I will see you all tomorrow.

Love,  Mrs G. ???