Happy Thursday everyone!

I have mixed things up a bit for you today. I have put in a maths  lesson as normal, spellings of course and don’t forget your exercise today. Other than that your learning today is around the 75th Anniversary of VE Day tomorrow.

Worship will be posted later. Watch this space!

Here it is, Celebration Assembly with Mrs Thomas and Craig.

I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did.  Love a good sing a long and it was wonderful seeing everyone. Congratulations to the stars! 👍⭐

You may do more than one of these activities today as you wish.

Write a newspaper report to explain what happened on VE day.

A catchy headline.
An introduction: Who, what where, when and
why were people celebrating VE day?
Quotes from eyewitnesses.

Write a letter to a friend;

Imagine you were celebrating VE day in 1945.
Tell your friend how you celebrated or write an entry in your diary to
explain what it was like.

Make a news clip

Watch this Pathe news clip  https://www.britishpathe.com/video/ve-daycelebrations

Create your own VE day Pathé-style clip using free video-editing software such as iMovie,
Filmora Go or Film Maker Pro. Write a voiceover script and add this to your movie.

Host a VE day party on Friday 8th May

With the people you live with or a virtual VE day party with your friends/family using Facetime/Skype/Zoom or similar video software (make sure you have your parent/guardian’s permission for this)

It would be a good idea to make a list of what you are going to do and if you are asking people to help, make sure everyone knows what they are doing.  These are great organisational skills with lots of planning and multitasking!

Spellings; Don’t forget your test today please!

New spellings here:    Spellings due Friday 15th May

Maths: Problem solving using multiplication and division


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As tonight is Thursday, remember at 8pm to go outside to clap for our NHS and frontline workers. We really do owe them so much. 💙🙌

Have fun on your VE Day and a lovely and safe weekend.

Love Mrs G. 🌼😎🌈