Good morning Willow Class! ?

Today is World Book Day!! ?

Although we are not in class we will be doing some great activities linked to World Book Day today.



First of all we will be doing Maths as normal.



L.I. To compare non-unit fractions of quantities.

Please click on Lesson 19 today.

There is always this link to BBC bitesize to remind you about unit fractions is you’re stuck.

Here are your worksheet activities for today.



ordering-fractions-Flaming HOT




As it is World Book Day here are a few videos and activities for you to do.  You may do as many as you wish.



Hello Willow Class, Mr Turton here please join Mr Baird and I as we read a chapter from David Walliams – The World’s Worst Teachers. Enjoy.

The World’s Worst Teachers – Read by Mr Turton and Mr Baird


I really like this link of Author Tom Fletcher’s ideas and advice on being an author.



Here are some activities linked to the video above you may wish to do.






This is a link to lots of audio books for you to enjoy.


Don’t forget our Book Bingo which I shared with you all the other week.  If you can’t find yours then you can print a copy here:


Book Bingo record sheet

Don’t forget to listen in to our class novel read out by Mrs Holt.



Here a selection of activities for you to do today and beyond.  Lots of ideas!


  • You could also read a book to someone in your house either younger or older.
  • Who is your favourite book character? Tell me all about them.
  • Read the blurb from a famous book and see if anyone in your house recognises the book.
  • Read a book that you have never read before, maybe something from a different genre!
  • Write a wish list for books which you would love to read and then commit to reading them before you change year groups!
  • What about exploring some poetry today.  Click on the link and look for poems which interest you.
  • Where is the most unusual place you have ever read a book?  Get creative and ask someone to take a picture of you reading in an unusual place.  Where could that be??

Please send me  any pictures or activities which you have done then we can share them on the blog. 

I hope you have all had a great day exploring books old and new.

Love Mrs Graham. ???