Hello Willow Class

Here are your activities for today:



L.I: To write a poem based on a theme.

Please look at the link for details.

Thursday 4th February



L.I. To recognise equivalent fractions (2)

Please use the Oak academy lesson 4 for today.


If you didn’t manage the challenge yesterday then why not have a go today!

Here are the questions. Remember there are three different sheets just choose something you like the look of.

Horizontal Format – Equivalent Fractions 1

I will also include the answers but try to wait until you have finished before looking. Don’t worry how many you do, just having a go is good.

Answers – Equivalent Fractions 1



Please don’t forget to make time for you again today. Choose something you find relaxing.



L.I. To understand pulse and rhythm

Please use the Oak academy lesson on Pulse and Metre 2 (Lesson 1)  It is really good fun and I know you will enjoy clapping along.



Have a great Thursday,

Love Mrs G. ??✏??