Hello Willow Class

I can not believe that we have come to the last day of April!  Where has that month gone?  It seems a long time ago when I asked you to look at the origins of April Fool’s day. Anyway here we are!

Daily exercise is a must.  Even if the weather is a little cooler it is still important to have fresh air every day.  I will be doing Joe Wicks again and then later on I will be going on a walk, maybe down to the promenade today.  I went on Monday and this was the view. I feel very lucky to have this on my doorstep.


I would like you all to check out the BBC bitesize for today’s English activity.  These are grammar based and will make sure that you are keeping your English skills fresh.


Maths: L.I. to convert between units of length.

So today you are going to be converting units of length.

Remember  – 10mm = 1cm,    100cm = 1 metre,     1000m = 1 kilometre

Converting rules – mm to cm divide by 10,    cm to mm multiply by 10,

cm to m divide by 10,  m to cm multiply by 10,

m to km divide by 10,  km to m multiply by 10.

TYM Pg 85  Converting units of length

I will post the answers later.      Answers for 30th April TYM questions

Challenge – Challenge Questions 30th April

R.E. L.I. To explore the text to understand the church in its widest sense.

Please read this link and it gives you a couple of activities to do.

Explore the text

Have a happy Thursday

Love, Mrs G. ??