Good afternoon Oak Class!

I hope you’ve all had a good day today and enjoyed the work.

Again, for the maths work, the answers (whether to the BBC work or the White Rose work) are on their websites so I won’t duplicate them.


I have been so happy to receive lots of your ‘Unique’ poems and just like each of you, they are all different.

This is a link to Heidi’s poem:

Heidi’s This is me poem


This is me, By Fin O’Donnell

I’m a food lover especially fish cooked by my grandad,

This is me,

I can be amazing but sometimes have a fiery temper

This is me,

I am a super master chef always trying my best, and fine delicacies,

This is me,

I am majestically small but a friend to all,

This is me,

I’m a loving protective brother and proud of her character within,

This is me.



I’m shy but sometimes not,

My hair is wild and has a mind of its own

This is me

I like to play video games and I love cats

This is me

I’m not a ‘stale bread’!  I am one of a kind

This is me

I like reading, playing outside, going on my bike, running through the woods and climbing

This is me

My eyes are blue and sometimes green

This is me

I like to eat lobster, pasta and pizza

This is me

I like to do my own thing but sometimes I stick with the others

This is me.

I hate people who ignore me

This is me!

I am Sinjon and I am proud of me !


I hope you all enjoyed Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time activity. Hopefully your English will have helped with this.

How did you get on with your Geography work?

Your Purple Mash feedback will be on there for you to see.

See you all tomorrow and have a lovely evening! Mrs Fitz xxx