Hi Willow Class.

Here are today’s activities:



L.I. To identify imperative and modal verbs

As a continuation of this topic of persuasive writing. Please continue with lesson 4 on the Oak Academy site.


I am looking forward to seeing some of these raps tomorrow when they are done.  Have fun.



Please use this as a warm up for today:

It is comparing decimals.  Have a go and see how you do.  The game keeps repeating and it is timed,so keep practising.  Give it as many goes as you can to feel comfortable with them.   I used my touch pad mouse to draw the signs or you can use the icons on your keypad <  >



L.I. To solve problems with money.

Here is the introduction video from White Rose. Click on Lesson 4.


Now use the sheets supplied here for your activities.  The answers are here, complete and use them to check your work.

Lesson 4 – Four operations

Lesson 4 Answers – Four operations



Please look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog today.


L.I. To learn how prayer is an expression of belief and commitment

Today we are looking a bit further at prayer.

I  would like you to think about how and when we use prayer. Write into your home school book about  how you think prayer is an expression and commitment.  A couple of sentences is fine.

Then I would like you to create a beautiful multi-sensory board including words, pictures and objects of things that the you want to pray for or about. This doesn’t need to be in your book, you could do it separately if you wish, it’s up to you.

Spend some time being still and silent, light candles and reflect on the day or a situation.  Introduce quiet music to the silence and then discuss the experience someone at home.

Now I would like you to create some prayers.

Some ideas are:  Use prayer trees, stringing beads, newspaper headlines, acrostic prayers, shape prayers, texts, bubbles, playdough, drawing, a walk outside, music and dance. The possibilities are endless. I know you did a 5 finger prayer last week, please do something different this time and maybe a few different ones.  Take risks!!  I did see a prayterpillar made from pom pom balls!!!!

Remember to take lots of photos and send me some of your wonderful prayers.