Hi there Willow Class.

Well I can’t believe it is Thursday already!  Well done everyone for keeping going.  Only two days until the Easter holidays.

Here are today’s activities.

English – L.I. To write a summary

We are nearly at the end of the Butterfly Lion.  Click on here to find out what happens in the next chapter.

The Butterfly Lion Text

The Butterfly Lion summary activity

I wonder what is going to happen in the end?

Maths – L.I. To solve problems using information presented in tables.

Thursday 2nd April TYM Pg 136

I will post the answers later.


Here are the answers from page TYM pg 134 from yesterday

TYM Pg 134 answers

R.E. – L.I. To understand why Judas betrayed Jesus.

This is an interactive tool from ‘Twinkl’.  You should be able to click onto it and start.  I have never used this in this way before so hopefully it will work!!


Please answer these following questions into your book.

  1. Who betrayed Jesus?  Why?
  2. Why did Judas betray Jesus?

Bible references:  Matthew 24:14-16, Mark 14:43-50, Luke 22, John 18.   Access in a bible, online or on youtube.

Please answer these questions into your book.

Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver. Can you think of 30 reasons why he betrayed Jesus?  Was it worth it? Why did Jesus stop him?

I would like you to create a ‘Wanted’ poster for Judas. Think about what you will need to put on it.  Are you going to offer a reward? If so what will it be?

Please continue to send me any work to show me. I love receiving them.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Love Mrs G. 😃