Good morning Willow Class,  I hope you like the featured picture for today.  I took this picture at the weekend from Morecambe promenade over looking the Lake District’s fells.  They looked so clear and beautiful in the snow.

Here are today’s activities:



L.I. To understand and use contractions

Please use the BBC bitesize video and activities.  I have also included another two worksheets if you would prefer to do those.

Everyone needs to watch the video and look at the first activity on the BBC.

Here are the alternative worksheets.  There are two different ones. Remember only do these instead of the BBC activities or if you want to.



Don’t forget to watch the live RSPB Big garden  bird watch at 11am, click on the blog which was posted yesterday for the link!



L.I. To understand tenths and hundreths

Please re-watch all the video below from yesterday.  It will help you remember and give you chance to practise these tenths some more.

These worksheets were on yesterday as an extra.  If you didn’t get to them I would like you to try them today.

Here is a different powerpoint on Tenths which talk about hundreths. You may want to click through this one to help with the match it activity.

Tenths powerpoint 2 24.prn

Today’s activities:

  1.  for all, MILD, HOT and Flaming HOT – Choose your level of star. Activity Sheet Quarter Hunt Shapes
  2.  for HOT and Flaming HOT – Match it activity sheet. Activity Sheet Match It  
  3.  Place value grid for HOT & Flaming HOT if needed. Activity Sheet Tenths and Hundredths Place Value Grid

If you are normally MILD but want to have a go at the match it activity then please do.

Challenge: Challenge 28th Jan



L.I.  To keep ourselves safe online.

Please have a look at the BBC link on keeping yourself safe online.  This is more of a reminder than a lesson but it is still important that we remind ourselves of what we need to do.



L.I. To study an artist of choice

I would like you to research an artist of your choice.  If you can’t think of any then I have included some names to help you.

Fill out the study and if you wish to you can recreate one of their pictures.

artist study

Some examples of artists you may wish to have a look at, some are known around the world others are local or UK based:  or you can choose someone different.

Chas Jacobs

Rebecca Lardner

Andy Warhol

Vincent Can Gogh

Henri Matisse

Claude Monet

Jackson Pollock


Yayoi Kusama

Janice McGloine


Have a great day,

Love Mrs Graham. ?✏????