Hello Willow Class,

I know that there have been a few technical difficulties, thank you for being patient.  Also thank you for the work you have sent to me this week.  It’s still not too late.

Here are today’s activities.


L.I. To write a Haiku

Please read through this powerpoint pdf.  There are a lot of slides but it gives step by step guidance on how to complete this task.  Also it gives you examples of these steps for you to follow.

Haiku Powerpoint

Make sure that you use your home school book for all your notes and ideas then they are there for you to use in your final haiku.

Good luck, I know you’ll enjoy doing this as it is something you have enjoyed in the past.


Lancashire Big Sing

Well today is the day for everyone to come together to sing.  You have spent the last few days getting your voices ready.

Please log onto the Lancashire Music Services on You tube to access today’s final sing a long. I know that you all remember how to sing the ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ song in Japanese.  Join in and have fun.




L.I. To compare and classify isosceles and scalene triangles

Please continue with the Oak Academy for this unit on Shape and Symmetry. Click on Lesson 9 today.


If you have found this ok there is another couple of sheets here for you.  It does have the answers but try not to scroll down until you have finished.

triangles worksheets



As it is Thursday have a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s stilling time video.



L.I. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy

As you live close to a Nuclear Power Station I thought it would be interesting to find out a bit more about energy and how it is generated.  Heysham power station also spends lots of money looking at different ways to produce energy including renewable energy.

Please log onto the daily BBC lessons year 4 (P5) and scroll down to June 10 Science.  Here you can watch videos and test your understanding.


Then use the link here for the activity, the ‘Twinkl’ links from the BBC don’t work so I have downloaded it and attached it here for you.




I hope you enjoyed the Zumba minions class yesterday.  Please make sure that you have lots of fresh air each day to keep you happy and healthy.  Don’t forget your sun cream.?

Well done everyone,

See you tomorrow. ???