Good morning Oak Class!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! How did yesterday’s learning go? I hope you were able to work despite the heat! Thanks to all the parents who have responded to the survey about returning to school. We really need to know this information so if your parent hasn’t done it yet, please can you remind them to let us know by lunchtime today?


For those of you who have chosen to continue with the BBC online learning…

Go to BBC website

Find the English lesson for today – 21 May: English

Record the LI below in your Home Learning book and record any notes, etc in your book.

LI – to write a thank you letter.

Extension English task:

LI – to research and make notes about a prominent figure and write a biography about them.

Task 1. Read and make notes about Greta Thunberg, a young environmental activist, taken from the book Earth Heroes by Lily Dyu here: https://www.lovereading Earth-Heroes-by-Lily-

Dyu.html (You will need to register with LoveReading4Kids to view the extract. Membership is free).

Task 2. After reading about Greta’s life, watch these two clips and make further notes about her life.

(Note: Due to the sensitive nature of some the content, it is advised that these clips are watched and discussed with an adult). m/watch?v=uRgJ-22S_Rs m/watch?v=VzLuAHLR53 A

Task 3. After reading and watching the clips about Greta Thunberg, create a short biography about her life. Remember to write your biography in chronological order (from Greta’s birth up until most recent times), selecting the key dates and facts about her life.

Make sure you proof- read your work as you write, checking for spelling and punctuation.

Maths – for those of you who have chosen to continue with the BBC online learning…

Use the 21 May: Maths lesson on the BBC website:

LI – to convert from a decimal into a fraction and simplify.

Maths Extension

Please click on the link below:

Go to Summer Term, Week 1 (w/c 20 April) and select lesson 4.

LI – to calculate missing angles in a triangle.

Watch the video and then click ‘get the activity’. Remember that the answers are also there for you to look at once you have completed the work so I won’t post these separatley later.

Stilling Time

Please access Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling Time activity for today. Enjoy!


LI – to learn about climate change.

Our topic lesson this afternoon is going to support and extend the English focus for this week. I’d like you to begin by exploring the following links and making any useful or necessry notes in your home learning book.

Once you have explored the websites and made your notes, you can then decide to take your learning in any direction you choose; be creative! Here are a few ideas to get you going but you can choose to present your learning and findings about climate change however you wish:

  • Poster
  • Presentation
  • PowerPoint
  • Filmed news report
  • Webpage
  • Leaflet/booklet
  • Scratch game

Let me know what you come up with – I’m sure you’ll have much more creative ideas than me!

Remember to spend a bit of time each day or every couple of days on Mathletics and Spelling Shed to keep up with spelling and mental maths skills.

I won’t post an answers blog as the answers are with the maths and everyone’s English work will be different. Please continue to email your work – we would like lots of work for our learning review tomorrow. ‘See’ you all then! x