Hello Willow Class,  I hope you are all well and looking forward to a break from school work.  Whatever you do over the summer make sure you stay grateful to those around you for their love and support.

As we are so close to the end of term this will be the last day for English but not for maths, sorry!  I will also continue to add some other things for you to do which are different to our normal lessons in an afternoon.

There will be one last challenge this Friday on the daily blog.  If you complete this during the holidays and you want to I would still very much like to see your creations!!!  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is. ?


L.I. To write about my time in year 4.

I would like you to do a ‘Write Stuff’ today. Set a timer for 35 minutes and find somewhere quiet to write without interruptions. Write about what you have enjoyed and what things happened in Year 4.  You may want to spend 10 minutes of so before the 35 minutes to jot down some ideas.  Here are some of the things I remembered which may help you to jog your memories:

Extreme earth topic,

Nicky Nook walk and visiting the Applestore Cafe

Christmas party

5 minutes of fame – I’m sorry if you didn’t get chance to do this.

Forest School


Personal achievements in school

Class assembly

Decoration day

Film nights




Egypt topic

New outdoor gym equipment

Times tables!

Life Education Bus (Harold the Giraffe)

Jack and the Beanstalk panto in school

Church visits

Extra commitments – Eco and School councils

Friday Worships

Play times

Not to mention all the lessons; English, maths, science, history, geography, Art, R.E., guided reading, D.T., french, music and P.E.

Also after school clubs such as football, rugby, netball, chess, choir, gardening club and lego.

When you read it all like that, what a lot of things happen at school and I am sure that I have left lots off.

Anyway happy remembering and writing.




L.I. To compare fractions greater than 1.

Click on the link for the next days activities for fractions. It is BBC daily lessons, year 4, 21st May.




It is Thursday today so please have a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog.


Afternoon activities

I have included a few here for you.  You can do as many as you like.  Some are ones to think about and some are more crafty.







Have a lovely day, see you all tomorrow for our final time ?


Mrs G. ???