What are your thoughts today? Excited? Worried?

Good morning Oak Class. Welcome to our final day of online learning before being back together in school tomorrow!


Today we are continuing with War Horse.

LI – write an imaginary account using another perspective.

Chapter 4

First we will read Chapter 4 and then discuss the separation of Joey and Albert. Why do you think that Albert’s father treats Joey so badly?

Then we will do some Shared writing  – the teacher will scribe an entry in the diary of Albert, taking ideas from all ch. Focus on the emotions between Albert and Joey and Albert and his father.

Shared read – Chapters 5 and 6. If you were reading the story from Captain Nicholls’ point of view, what would be the differences in the description of the first battle? Discuss with the children the description in the text when they go into battle. One child then to be Captain Nicholls and the other to be a prompter. The child who is Captain Nicholls starts with a description, and the other child says ‘Tell me more about.’

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Use the retelling of going into battle to write an account entitled ‘Captain’s Nicholl’s final words’. Ask children to write in their own words what happened that day from the first moment they were given the message to move forward. Comment on the feeling of panic and noise around them. Write up and bring into school on Friday to put in English books.


LI – To calculate in hours and minutes the length of a task.

Today in maths we are continue to look at time. We will be looking at calculating how long it takes to do something in hours and minutes, then we will be looking at ranking from first to last the time taken to complete the task.

Thursday whole class work

Thursday independent work

Thursday15th Oct Maths answers

If you have finished the activity quickly I have placed a 2do on Purple Mash for reading timetables and converting between different digital and analogue clocks.


LI – To write a harvest prayer

In school tomorrow we will be filming our harvest prayers ready for the Harvest service the following week. Please can you write a prayer about Harvest. It can be thanking the farmers for the food they grow, thanking the shops for selling the food. It can be thanking God for the seasons and for the food that we have. It can be about remembering those less fortunate than ourselves and praying that they get enough and asking God to help us be more generous with our own supplies.  Please write out or type your prayer ready to bring into school on Friday.

I’ll see you in person tomorrow!


Mrs Poole