Hello Willow Class,

Happy Thursday everyone, here are today’s activities.

Please make sure that you are all having a go at Mrs O’Donnells stilling activity today.

Daily exercise  is a must.  go outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. 🌈🌂😎 ⛅

English:  L.I. To write a diary entry

Thursday 14th May

Maths: L.I. To calculate the perimeter of shapes

Please take a look at these worksheets and choose the one which is best for you.  Please don’t choose the easiest to make it quicker, if  possible try to challenge yourself.

May 14th Perimeter of shapes

I will post the answers later on a separate blog.

Challenge questions.


French: Fruits

Today please can you watch this short you tube video on fruits in french.  You’ll like it it’s catch and you’ll probably be singing it all day!


Then take a look at the powerpoint here. Use the above video to help with pronunciation of the fruits. Ignore slide 5 as we can’t do that. Carry on reading through then do the activity on slide 8 with someone in your house.

Lesson Presentation Fruit

Then finally there is a written activity for you.  I have included the ‘Hot’ and ‘Flaming Hot’ sheets for you.

Fruit Activity HOT

Fruit Activity Flaming HOT

I hope you all have a great day.

Love Mrs G. 🌼😁🌈🍇🍍🍒🍐🍓