Good afternoon Oak Class

I can’t believe how quickly today has gone!! It’s flown! I hope you have enjoyed the work today. Thanks again for the work you’ve sent us. We will have a jam-packed Learning Review tomorrow!

As always, with the maths work, the answers (whether to the BBC work or the Oak Academy work) are on their websites so I won’t duplicate them. Let us know how you’ve found the Oak Academy work this week and how it compares to White Rose.


Hopefully, you were all able to write a character description of your robot as it might appear in a story (in narrative form). In addition to all the physical features you may have included in your fact file or Powerpoint earlier this week, you should have also included some of your character’s thoughts and feelings. I’d love to see your work! Once again, here is the link to the writing assessment framework so you can see how many of the features you’ve included in your writing:

Year 6 Writing Assessment Framework

I hope you all enjoyed the RE work this afternoon. I can’t wait to see what you came up with as your creative answer to the key question.

Have a lovely evening everyone and see you tomorrow!

Mrs Fitz x