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English: L.I. To read to the end of Thumbelina

Today please can you read to the end of Thumbelina.  Make sure you take your time to read it properly as this will help you with tomorrows task. If you want to and someone is available, you could either read it out to someone or have someone read it out to you.

Think about her adventure and all the things that happen to her. Think about who she meets and how she feels.  If you wish you can make some notes about the story.  Think about what happens to her at the end and how she feels then.  How has her character changed from the beginning of the story. Who helps her and who doesn’t? Is it a happy ending? Why?

Thumbelina story part 2


Maths: L.I. To divide 2 digits by 1 digit

MILD – Please watch this video and then complete as much as the worksheet as you can.



HOT & Flaming HOT – please watch this video and then complete as much of the worksheet as you can.

F.HOT – Please have a go at the challenge sheets attached.



Challenge: Challenge 14th Jan



Please see Mrs O’Donnell’s Stilling blog today.


Science: L.I. To learn the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates

Please click on the link and scroll down to the quiz for learning more about animals.  It is the third video. Try the quiz. keep a note of your score.

Then scroll to towards the bottom of the page and click on the link for vertebrates and invertebrates.

Here you can watch a video and read the information.  When you have done that I would like you to let me know which is your favourite animal that is a vertebrate and which is your favourite animal that is an invertebrate.  Have fun.


Try taking the first quiz again.  How did you do compared to the first time?


That’s all for today. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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