Good morning Willow Class!


Here are today’s activities:


Book Bingo!!

I would like to encourage you all towards maintaining your reading and I thought this would be a fun way or reading new things or old favourites to try and tick them off.

You will need to print off both of these sheets.  One is a bingo sheet and the other a recording sheet.

Please have a look at the bingo sheet and decide which book you would like to read.  There are lots to choose from. Once you have decided you can start to read it. Make sure you write the authors name and the title of the book on the recording sheet and shade the square on the bingo sheet. Once you have finished the book you can put the date completed onto the recording sheet.

This is obviously going to take you more than one English lesson but you can take your time to finish each book.  If you keep the sheet and the record sheet together and bring them into school when we return. Hopefully by the time we finish in July you will have a full sheet. There will be a reward for active participants.  Who knows you may be able to complete a square or two during the holidays, after all, reading is relaxing.

Happy reading Willow Class.


Book Bingo record sheet


Spelling test

Today I would like you to do your weekly spelling test.  It’s only Thursday I hear you cry.  Well come tomorrow you will see why you are doing it today!

Good luck.

Here are the spellings which are due on the Friday after the half term 26th February.

Spellings due 26th February



L.I. To order sets of fractions by their value.

Please access Lesson 9 from the Oak Academy unit on fractions.

Here is the worksheet which accompanies the video.


There are three sheets here.  Please only complete the ones you can. Stop when you can’t do anymore. If you don’t understand then please make sure you replay the video as many times as you like to help you.  Take it a step at a time.



Please have a look at Mrs O’Donnell’s blog for stilling today or;

why not join in with The Trolls singing ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ for some upbeat motivation. You can dance and sing anywhere, the kitchen, the lounge, your own room. Why not get your family to join in!



As it is Valentine’s Day on the 14th February I thought that maybe you could learn to draw a rose for someone in your family. You could colour it like in the video and cut it out and give it to someone.

Please use the link below to practise drawing a rose.  It is quite straight forward but looks very effective.  You may need to stop and re-watch the video in stages to keep up.  Send me your finished pictures I would love to see them.



Have a great day everyone and well done on working very hard. You are doing great.

Love Mrs Graham  🌳⭐❤🌈🌹🥰