Hi all, here is this week’s homework, which is due in on 27th November.


This is on Mathletics and is practising mental methods.

You will have been set either:

Add using the compensation strategy or Add using the split strategy.


Add using the compensation strategy:

This is when one of the numbers being added is very near a ten

e.g.  45 + 29=

You round up the number that is near to a multiple of ten. Here you would round up to 30:

45+30 = 75 – 1 = 74

Then subtract 1 because that is what you added on when you rounded it up to 30.

This makes the addition easier to do mentally.


Add using the split or partitioning strategy

This is where you partition a number to make it easier to add;

835 +96 =                             so split 96 into 90 and 6

835  + 90 = 925    ( count on 90)

925 + 6=931        (then add on the 6)



This is further practise of relative clauses and relative pronouns and is on Purple Mash.

Relative clauses begin with a relative pronoun. Relative pronouns can be:

that, which, who, whose, whom, when, where

A relative clause tells you more about the noun


My sister, who is 12, had her birthday yesterday.

Here the relative clause is telling us more about the sister(noun).


‘Who’ is the relative pronoun and it starts the relative clause ‘who is 12′

Notice that there is always a comma before a relative clause and after the clause if it is in the middle of a sentence.



On Spelling Shed.

Looks like we’ve been beaten to the top spot this week by Oak Class. Come on Sycamore Class – let’s get back on top next week!

Top Spelling Groups

1. Oak 20/21 29,499,048
2. Sycamore 2020/21 29,065,271


Times tables

12 x table



Please ensure you are reading regularly at home and signing your Reading Record.

Remember to vary the genre of book you choose if you are a free reader e.g. humorous, adventure, myths, modern fiction, non-fiction information  texts. Please remember to check your book choice with me.


Great work again this week Sycamore Class!

You have got into super learning habits and hopefully you are enjoying what we are doing in school.

Mrs Padfield