This week’s homework:


We have been using our knowledge of the properties of shapes to answer questions about missing sides and angles.

This is on Google Classroom – please us this if possible. I have also attached it below should you need it. Choose from  either Mild, Spicy or Hot.

Remember – try to spot the questions that are using the Whole Part Model in disguise!

e.g. Whole – Part = Part

Mild Maths 13-11-20

Spicy Maths 13-11-20

Hot Maths 13-11-20



Please complete on Google Classroom if possible, if not use the sheets below:

This practises relative pronouns and relative clauses, which we have covered this week. (Did you spot the relative clause in that sentence!)

Mild – Spicy – English Homework 13-11-20

Hot English Homework 13-11-20



Wow! Well done Sycamore. Yet again we are top of the league within school. Watch out though – Oak Class aren’t far behind!

Top Spelling Groups:

1. Sycamore 2020/21            34,956,363
2. Oak 20/21                           32,479,090
3. Willow 2020/21                 23,547,793



Keep up the reading – it is so important to read often and widely. Please sign your diary.


Times tables

11x table this week please.

Thank you for all your hard work this week – you are fantastic!


Mrs Padfield