On Tuesday, we explored construction in DT, with a design brief to create a bridge for a 30cm gap that could hold the weight of a toy car and would be suitable for young children to use.

We worked in groups of 4 to design a bridge, then created a prototype out of junk modelling materials. Once our bridges were completed, we asked two children from Acorn Class to come in and trial the bridges. They scored our bridges out of 5, based on looks, sturdiness and usability.

In the afternoon, we learnt about some of the bridges around the world including beam bridges, truss bridges and suspension bridges. We noticed that triangles were used a lot in bridges because they are a strong shape that can hold heavy loads. In our 4s, we redesigned our bridges, with our new knowledge and then created a free standing bridge, for a 15cm gap.

On Friday, we are going to apply what we have learnt so far to design and make a bridge from wood.