Maths Measuring


It has always been fiercely debated and caused a storm in a tea cup, now it is up to you to prove… Which biscuit is best?

Your task is to prove which biscuit is best for dipping in your tea.

Think about the equipment you need, method used, how to present your results and a final conclusion.

To gain accurate results you need to carry out a fair test.
Consider what needs to be the same (size of biscuit, number of dips, temperature of tea/water (warm or cold please – think safety! DO NOT USE BOILING OR HOT WATER), shape of biscuit, number of biscuits at a time, etc.)

When you have carried out your investigation think about how you are going to present your findings. It could be an Information Poster, PicCollage, video diary, full science investigation write up! You decide.




As an additional homework this week, I would like you to design a poster about online safety. The most informative and attractive posters will be chosen to be put on display in the hall as part of ‘Safer Internet Day’.

As a class, we looked at being safe online in the Autumn term and when we use the internet in class, we discuss what we should do before we use the laptops or iPads to stay safe.

However, if your child is unsure or needs some extra ideas about how to stay safe online, the following website has some great child-friendly resources to help:

BBC Bitesize Internet Safety Link 

Times tables 

Mixed with Inverse


Group 1 -Challenge words

Group 2 – Words ending -cial and -tial

Group 3- The suffix -ous