Sycamore Class Homework – Due 30th September

Well done to everyone for completing your homework last week. It was excellent to see you all putting in such effort with your learning.

This homework will be due for next Thursday 30th September.

Please complete the Maths, English and Handwriting sheets.

As always we we will be having our times tables and spelling tests on Thursday morning.

Maths Homework

Complete the sheet below.

Maths Sheet – Due 30th September

English Homework

Research one of the Greek Gods or Godesses. Find out about their powers and any myths that are related to them. Write a fact file about them. This could be Zeus, Athena, Hades etc.


New spellings are ready and waiting on Spelling Shed. We will have our test on Thursday 30th September.

Group 1 due 30th

Group 2 due 30th

Group 3 due 30th

Times tables

This week the times tables we would like you to learn are in your diary. If you are unsure you can email Mr Turton to check. We will have our test on Thursday 30th September.

If you want to have a practice, find your times table below.

3s and 4s


Remember to really take care on forming those letters!

RH- Handwriting Sheet Cursive

RH – Handwriting Sheet Non-cursive

LH – Handwriting – Cursive

LH – Handwriting Practice – Print

Please email complete homework to [email protected]

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