Have a try at these maths word problems.

Kate has a piece of ribbon one metre long. She cuts off 30 centimetres. How many centimetres of ribbon are left?

Holly takes half an hour to walk from home to school. She arrives at school at 8:25am. At what time did she leave home?

A cake weighs 560 grams. If I cut the cake into 8 equal slices, how much would I expect each slice to weigh approximately?

 Kirsty ran a race in one and a half minutes. Mina took 10 seconds longer. How many seconds did Mina take to run the race?

A piece of cheese has a mass of 350g. Steven takes a bite from the cheese then weighs it again. The scales say 235g. How much did Steven bite off the cheese?

A class wants to investigate how much chocolate is eaten in 1 day (by people in their class). 12 people eat 25g of chocolate, 7 people eat 35g of chocolate and 9 people eat 50g of chocolate. How many grams of chocolate have been eaten in one day?

Megan wants to fill a bucket with water. A bucket holds 6 litres. A jug holds 500 millilitres. How many jugs of water does Megan need to fill an empty bucket?

A bottle holds 1 litre of lemonade. Rachel fills 5 glasses with lemonade. She puts 150 millilitres in each glass. How much lemonade is left in the bottle?

Jamie, Kate and Hassan run a 50m race. Kate’s time is 13 seconds. Jamie finishes 5 seconds before Kate. Hassan finishes 3 seconds after Jamie. What is Hassan’s time in seconds?


Write down 3 arguments for and against these debate topics.

  • Children should be paid to go to school.
  • Computers should replace teachers.
  • Books are better than television

Times tables



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