1. If a group of 10 children wanted to go to the zoo, and the zoo was £4.23 a ticket. How much it cost them all together?
  2. I want to buy all my friends a bar of chocolate and the chocolate is 23p each. How much would it cost me to buy them for 15 of my friends? Write your answer in £ not pence.
  3. If a school receptionist can type 23 words in one minutes, how many words can she type in 45 minutes?
  4. I went on a shopping spree. I bought 5 dresses at £12 each and 4 pairs of shoes at £16 each. How much did I spend together?
  5. If Mylo eats 7 biscuits every day, how many will he eat in a year (365 days)?


This week I would like you to find a Legend of the British Isles. I would like you to think about why you enjoyed reading it and bring it.  We will be sharing them in our lesson on Thursday so make sure you bring them in.

Times tables



This week I have again been unable to download the spelling sheets and add them as PDFs.

Spellings are on Spelling Shed.