Here is your homework.  It is a creative one and therefore it is for a couple of weeks.

It can be brought in anytime up to Wednesday 20th October. We will be sharing our work with the class on this day.

This month we are setting up a challenge for the month related to Black History. I would like you to choose a famous person from Black History and to produce a response to their lives:

A portrait of the person

A fact file about the person

A model of something connected with their life

A speech or talk they might give etc.

You can be as creative as you like!
The work can be brought into school anytime up to Monday 18th October.

Here is some useful information to help you.

Black History Month Politicians and Activists Word Search

Black History Month Informative Powerpoint


Homework Due 14th October 


1- Mild Maths

2- Spicy Maths

3- Hot Maths


4- English SPAG Mat


5- Group 1 – Due 14th Oct – Words ending -cial and -tial

6- Group 2 – Due 14th Oct – The phon and sign word families

7- Group 3 – Due 14th Oct – The suffix -ation

Times Tables

Due to printing issues last week we will be doing our 6s and 8s next week.

6s and 8s


RH – Handwriting Sheet Cursive

RH – Handwriting Sheet – Print

LH – Handwriting Sheet Cursive

LH – Handwriting Sheet – Print