Due in 6th November.

I have set you two lots of homework for English and Maths as you have two weeks to complete it. 


I have set two activities for you to complete on Mathletics.



Task 1

Purple Mash

I have set a task on Purple Mash for you to practice recognising different word classes e.g. nouns, verbs etc.

When you have sorted the words it marks them for you and then allows you to make any corrections by moving the words again. You should have your Purple Mash login in your Reading Record.

I have included some guidance for you on each word class below:


noun is a word that names a person, a place, a thing or an idea. A noun can tell who or what. who: man baby teacher, Tom, clown, what: garden, city, McDonalds


A verb is a doing word. A verb expresses a physical action, a mental action or a state of being.

For example:

Katy juggled with five apples.
The man daydreams in the park.
am happy at school.


An adverb is a word which modifies a verb, which means that it tells you howwhenwhere or why something is being done e.g.

I called angrily to my little sister.


Adjectives are words used to describe and give more information about a noun e.g.

The pale, fine sand ran through her fingers, as soft as silk.


The website below has further explanation and some super resources for you and your parents, if you would like to take a look:


This task can be emailed to me or if this isn’t suitable, it can be brought into school where we will quarantine it for the usual 3 days.


Task 2

English Creative Homework

This is a creative homework that the whole of Key Stage 2 will be doing in response to Black History Month.

October Half term Black History Month 2020


Times Tables

Please practise 8 x table.



On Spelling Shed. Congratulations Sycamore Class – we are top of the league in school -great work1



Please read at home and sign your Reading Record.

Mrs Padfield 🙂