Hi Everyone!

There has been an issue with Google Classroom this week which has hopefully been resolved.

I have also added it below should you need it and then you can email the work to me as you used to for Home Learning.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This week’s Homework is due in on 9-10-20


This week we have been looking at place value in decimals to thousandths.

Please find the worksheets below.

Choose from:

Sheet 1: Mild

Sheet 2: Spicy

Sheet 3: Hot





This week we have been looking at similes and metaphors.

Choose from Mild, Spicy or Hot


Watch the video and write 5 of the similes you see in the video below.

Similes use ‘as’ and ‘like’ to make comparisons.



As above but this time write down 5 of the metaphors you spot in the video.



Create 3 similes and 3 metaphors of your own and write below:


Times Tables

Please practise 4x for next Friday


Remember to practise your spellings, which are on Spelling Shed.


Please read at home over the weekend and sign your diary.

Good Luck!

Mrs Padfield