This week’s homework due in 23-10-20


This is on Mathletics.

We have been looking at written methods for addition and subtraction this week including  the column method. I suggest that you work the questions out on paper first and then input the answers, as it doesn’t allow any space for carrying the digits under the next column when it adds up to more than 9.


This is practise for this week’s spellings.

Please do this on Google Classroom if possible as I can give direct feedback. If not, I have attached it below as well.

Pi Spelling Homework

Kappa _ Omega

Times tables

Please practise 7x



On Spelling Shed and a copy of each groups spellings in also on the blog in a previous post.



Please read at home over the weekend and sign your Reading Record.


Thank you  parents and Carers for your ongoing support. I can’t believe we only have one more week left at school before the half term break. We’re settling in really well and having a few laughs along the way. Look forward to speaking to you on Parents Evening,

Mrs Padfield 🙂