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We still have some rainforest models at school, please come and collect them from outside of school between 9:30 and 2pm this week.




Starter – Times tables practise

Choose from an activity you like to use to practise your times tables.


L.I. -To practise short division.

This includes:

  • two video
  • two interactive practise activities



L.I. – To express a remainder as a fraction and as a decimal.

This has cropped up in the arithmetic tests we have been doing so I thought it would be useful to go over it in a lesson.




Return to the short, Piper, from yesterday and watch again to refresh your memory.
Piper Pixar short film 2016 full:
Imagine you have been asked to write a narrative story which could accompany the short Piper – suitable for a 9-10 year old.
Write a short story, either from the perspective of Piper or Piper’s parent.
Before writing your story, make sure you plan it out, using some of the ideas you gathered yesterday. You may also wish to use this ‘chunked plot’ planning format to help you:

Chunked Plot                                                                                                                Words, phrases and notes

Piper woke up – had to go out to the sea to get own food
A wave came and hit Piper
Piper didn’t want to try again but a crab guided Piper to the ocean
Piper learned how to manage the waves
Piper enjoyed foraging for food and found enough for everyone

Once you have planned your story, use your chunked plot planning frame to help you write your narrative – taking a section at a time and thinking carefully about each sentence.
As you will be writing a lot about the thoughts and feelings of your chosen character (either Piper or Piper’s parent), you may wish to include an ‘ed opener’ sentence or two in your story.
A list of ‘ed’ words and some example sentences can be downloaded here: ‘Mrs Mueller’s World – Ed openers cheat sheet’



With Mrs Garvey or some outdoor activity of your choice.


With the wonderful Mrs O’Donnell.

Great work Sycamore Class – we’re nearly there!

Love and miss you all

Mrs Padfield