Today, we had a story telling morning in class. To link with our work on poems using the senses and our topic on food, we looked at the book called Oliver’s Fruit Salad.

We read the story as a class and spoke about the different fruits in the story. We then discussed adjectives as a class and what adjectives we could use to describe different fruits. Using some of the fruits in the story, we then wrote a poem using adjectives to describe the fruits in the book.

After that, we made our own fruit salads following a recipe. We started by chopping up different pieces of fruit that we wanted to eat. We looked at how to chop items correctly.

We then added some orange juice and enjoyed what we had made. It was really delicious!

We also has Mrs Jarrat-Harlow come into class to read some stories to us. She read Chicken Licken and The Scallywags by David Melling. Thank you very much for coming to visit us, we really enjoyed your stories!