What a beautiful morning it is today!

For today’s stilling time I’d like you to think about how you feel when you see a rainbow.

What words come to mind when you suddenly spot a rainbow or see one appear in the sky when the sun begins to shine after the rain.

Now, at the end of the rainbow people often say that you will find a pot of gold or treasure.  I want you to be creative and mindful in your thinking today as you complete this next step.

If you found the pot at the end of the rainbow, what would you like to find inside it? I would like you to think about a strength that you’d like, maybe a power, maybe something to help you make the world better for others. Try to think about inner strengths that we can hold as a person rather than materialistic things and objects.

I would love to hear your ideas. You can send them to me via email as a picture or just as your ideas in words.

Be creative, open-minded and powerful in your thinking. Have fun!

Keep smiling ?

Mrs O’Donnell ?