Hello everybody!

Today for stilling time I would like you to reflect on the last weeks of lockdown…I’ve lost count of which week we’re up to now!  I’m sure you can all remember.

Can you think about the people who have been around you, who has been there to help you?  In what way have they helped you?

I would like you to think carefully about what you would like to say to them, what else could you say to them as well as thank you?

I would like you to make a little thank you card for them or perhaps you could comment with a little message below on this blog so that they can see.

Take your time with this, a little message goes a long way and can mean so much to others.  I would like to say a really big THANK YOU to you all for taking the time to take part in my stilling times and working so hard throughout this time.

Keep smiling… you’re all doing amazingly!

Love Mrs O’Donnell