Hello everybody!

Todays stilling time is all about the weather but I would like you to focus on the sunshine.

The weather effects us in different ways and makes us feel different. I know when we’re together in school that the atmosphere can feel very different on a bright, warm, sunny day compared to a wet, cold and gloomy day!

Why do you think that is?

For stilling time today I would like you to focus on a bright, sunny, warm day. Imagine sitting out on the beautiful school field with all the blossom floating around. You can feel the warm sunshine on your face and you can hear the sound of your friends around you. Or imagine sitting in your garden or special place enjoying the warm sunshine.

Can you write down the words that describe your feelings as you sit there? Write down as many sunshine words as you can and think about how you feel as you write them.

Have fun today, I’m sure when you do this you’ll smile ?

I’d love to see what words you all write, you can display them however you want. On a sunshine picture, in word art, as a poem or just as a list. The picture I’ve used today is of our beautiful school grounds. I took it just a few weeks ago.


Mrs O’Donnell