Hello everybody!

Today for stilling time I would like you to focus again on your breathing.  I hope you all had a go at blowing some soapy bubbles to practice taking your deep breaths in and then letting it go slowly so that you kept your bubbles going for the duration of your breath.

Today’s activity is called ‘square breathing’ and it’s all about drawing the four sides of a square slowly.

As you draw the first side, take a deep breath in.

As you draw the next side, slowly let your breath out.

Repeat, as you draw the third side, take a deep breath in.

As you draw the last side of your square, let your breath out slowly.

Have a go at repeating this at least 4 times.

Hopefully at the end of this it will help you feel calmer and ready for whatever you have to tackle next.

If you ever feel angry or worried, doing your ‘square breathing’ can help you feel calmer and in control.

Have a lovely day and keep smiling.

Love Mrs O’Donnell