Welcome back to you all!

I hope you have all enjoyed a lovely half term break and managed to get outdoors to make the most of the beautiful weather… I’ve heard that it’s going to turn cooler from tomorrow!  Our gardens and plants will welcome a little break from the sunshine!

So after an exciting week off from school and home schooling, I would like you to take some time for yourselves today, indoors and away from distraction so tat you can spend a few minutes to focus on you breathing.  When we feel excited or happy or even sad and upset we can use far more energy and lots of that is because of the way we breathe.  Learning to focus our breathing and control it can help us to feel calm and more energised.

This is one of my favourite breathing exercises on GoNoodle and I know lots of you are great at this too.

Please have a go!

Keep smiling, love Mrs O’Donnell ??