Today’s stilling time is all about creating a positive secret message!

How do you feel when someone tells you something good about yourself? Maybe when you have done something well, tried really hard, or maybe look good…perhaps you’ve had a new haircut or you’re wearing something new. It could be when your teacher thinks you’ve been working hard.  When someone recognises this and says it out loud to you I think it makes me feel wonderful. It makes me smile and it makes me feel good about myself. How do you feel when this happens?

I have chosen a really lovely activity today for you to try. We had lots of fun with this yesterday as we created this video. You’ll need a few things before you start:

wax crayons or pencil crayons

a sharpie or permanent pen

paper (younger ones will need a star shaped template to cut out)

a dish of water

a secret message of positivity!

Have fun everyone. Remember to spread your positive words and messages to make everyone feel more positive and happier.

A little message goes a long way, sharing this can make someone’s day.

I’d happily welcome your pictures to share on the blog.

Keep smiling

Love Mrs O’Donnell ??